Forthcoming Events

Third Annual Conference of the Menstruation Research Network (UK)

Inclusive Menstruation: Practice, Research, Action

Wednesday 29th May 2024
Liverpool John Moores University

Menstruation Research has continued to grow since the establishment of The Menstruation Research Network UK (MRN) in 2018. We have seen shifts in policy, research, practice and understanding of the varied experiences of people who menstruate. An intersectional and inclusive approach to the study of – and advocacy for – menstruation and menstruators is more important than ever. This is particularly true at a time where many governments are making repeated attacks on the most marginalised people in society, from people seeking asylum to our trans and gender diverse siblings, and from international students – for example, through restrictive visa reforms in the UK – to our rights in workplaces. How does this environment impact people who menstruate, their access to menstrual management, and public understandings of menstruation?  

Second Annual Conference of the Menstruation Research Network (UK)

Menstruation & Sustainability

Friday 26th May 2023
University of St Andrews
Keynote performance by artist Jay Critchley (Miss Tampon Liberty)

Our focus this year is menstruation and sustainability, but presentations are welcome on all aspects of menstruation research, policy, art and activism.

Past Events

The Politics and History of Menstruation: Contextualising the Scottish campaign to End Period Poverty

September 14 2020 Launch Event (Free Zoom Webinar)

2:30 – 3.30 pm UK time. Everyone welcome.

This event focuses on our major three-year long research project (2020-2022) funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and published as a Special Collection by the Open Library of Humanities.