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Inclusive Menstruation: Practice, Research, Action

Hosted by The Menstruation Research Network (UK)

Wednesday 29th May 2024
Liverpool John Moores University

Funded by the Wellcome Trust

Supporting and learning from disabled people who menstruate

Ensuring inclusive product provision and policymaking

Experiences of gender diverse menstruators

International perspectives on menstruation

Menstruation, sexual orientation and sexual practices

Learning from, and better supporting, people who menstruate in the Global South

Activism and policy interventions

Age and the menstrual lifecycle, from menarche to menopause

Race, ethnicity, and menstruation

Tackling stigma, misinformation, and taboos

Body literacy and menstrual education

Representing menstruation and menstruators

The address for the conference is:

The Student Life Building, Liverpool John Moores University, Copperas Hill, L3 5AH

Registration is at 9.30am with a welcome scheduled for 10.00am

Registration for this event is now fully booked. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, or if you would like to attend the conference online, please get in touch with our administrator, Harriet Fuest, at

Short video Submissions from the 3rd annual MRN Conference 2024

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