Our founders and members were invited to share their perspectives on many different aspects of menstrual experience and menstrual scholarship. These shorter pieces are a great introduction to discussions around menstruation, and give a good overview of some of the topics being covered by menstrual researchers in the UK.

Follow the links below to a selection of pieces written by network members for academic blogs and online publications.

We have written about visual culture and pop culture, for example Bee Hughes & Kay Standing have written about the importance of menstrual art in countering menstrual stigma and on how cultural attitudes to menstruation are starting to shift. Kay has also written about the Bollywood film Padman (2018), and Lara Owen has written about period taboo being challenged in Australian TV advertising.

There is an increasing awareness of menstruation in relation to sports, and activism around menstruation and football has been covered by Kay and Sarah Zipp. In a broader activist context, Kay as also written about the issue of corporations being involved in menstrual education. Carrie Purcell, Camilla Mørk Røstvik, and Sarah have written about the introduction of new menstrual policies by the Scottish Government in 2018.

Considering menstruation in the workplace from different perspectives, Kate Sang contributed to Times Higher Education on the gynaecological health experiences in academia, and Camilla wrote about the history of sanitary bins in the UK for the Society for the History of Technology.